Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands

Sunday 24th May – 8.00pm (doors from 6.00pm)

Laurie Lewis CANCELLED

Dear Friends, we’re really sorry to announce that inevitably
Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands – 24th May
has had to be cancelled. Those kind people who have already booked tickets either direct with me or via WeGotTickets will receive a refund of the full ticket price.

However I would just like to sound you out to see if any ticket holders among you would be prepared to forego their refund to help the band.

Laurie Lewis and her three band mates are all full time musicians whose only source of income is live performance. With the cancellation of their European tour and all their up-coming dates in the US they are looking at a summer without income. They also will receive no refund on the airplane tickets they had already booked for the tour.

I’m discussing with WeGotTickets how it might be possible for any refunds not claimed to be paid to me and then paid to the band as a form of cancellation fee.

I realize that this would be a very generous gesture , particularly for those of you who bought 2 tickets. Of course I fully understand that for many of you the money may be of vital importance right now. But if you were able to spare the money, Laurie would be very happy to provide an album download for supporters who might be willing to forego a ticket refund.

Please let me know urgently if you would be prepared to donate your ticket price and I will work with WeGotTickets and True North Promotions (Laurie’s tour agency) to make this possible.
If anyone receiving this (including ticket holders) feels like supporting the artists here’s what you can do:

Contact me to make a donation – however small – this can be done via Paypal or BACs.
Go to Laurie Lewis’ website and buy a CD download.
Sign-up for Laurie’s mailing list on her website
We very much hope to be able to welcome Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands to Music at the Buildings in happier times and would love to see as many of you as possible back here then as well!

So sorry folks, stay safe.
Chris & Patrice

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